The cold weather of winter has kept us indoors and as a result we’re all beginning to suffer from cabin fever. But with the promise of warmer weather as Spring approaches it’s time for us to celebrate this season. Here is just one party suggestion to help you celebrate with friends and family.


Every Spring some people perform a thorough cleaning of their house or room. During this process unwanted household items may be discovered and simply thrown out. But what if you were to hang onto at least one of those items and host a Spring Cleaning White Elephant or Yankee Swap Party? 


The inspiration for this theme is for guests to bring an unwanted item from their homes (that they perhaps found while spring cleaning) to be offered up as a gift at the party. The gifts could be anything from a candle holder, to a book on volcanoes, to a back scratcher, etc., however, you’ll want to set an average price range for the items, such as $15. 

The food you provide should be geared towards Spring, so you’ll want to pair proteins with seasonal items such as strawberries, lemons, artichokes and asparagus. A Spring Celebration Carrot Cake is perfect for dessert and don’t forget to provide beverages for both kids and adults. A refreshing non-alcoholic choice could be a Strawberry Basil Soda or for those looking for an alcoholic beverage, consider a Sorrel Lime Cooler.   

You can decorate with Spring blooms (tulips, daffodils, lilacs, petunias, hydrangeas, etc.) that you intermix with spray bottles filled with colored water, scrubbing pads and dusting cloths. Use pastel colored napkins, tablecloth, plates, streamers and banners to make the party feel extra festive. 

Thank guests as they leave by sending them home with homemade laundry detergent tabs.

The themed party listed above is just a one suggestion for the spring season. An experienced event planner can provide you with additional suggestions for a themed party regardless of the season. Furthermore, event planners can handle both small and large events. All you need is the desire to throw a party and the event planner can handle the rest: invitations, decorations, catering, music, entertainment and party favors.

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Strawberry Basil Soda
Sorrel Lime Cooler