Megan Simpson Photography

I remember wrapping up that first meeting with Emily and Lucas and thinking about that line from Friends when Phoebe tells Ross, “She’s your lobster,” (referring to Rachel being Ross’ soul mate).  See I’ve known Lucas for a number of years.  He is a very smart, jovial, humorous and somewhat shy kind of guy, but I was meeting Emily for the first time.  Emily is beautiful, intelligent, has a passion for learning and a zest for living life to its fullest, but she had a quirkiness too.  These attributes combined in such a way that I could tell immediately that these two were absolutely perfect for one another and that Emily was Lucas’ “lobster.”

During our meeting, they talked about how they wanted a wedding that was a true reflection of them and their personalities; they wanted to have unique elements throughout their event.  They talked about wanting to have a really short ceremony that would perhaps have some sort of unity ceremony in it… BUT it had to be different.  They talked about wanting their table names to be a tribute to all of the great concerts they had seen together while dating.  They talked about dinner being an experience for their guests with various food stations instead of just the standard buffet. They talked about how neither of them liked wedding cake and instead wanted to opt for unique flavors of homemade ice cream.  And they talked about wanting to provide their guests with favors relevant to Colorado, such as a packet filled with s’more goodness.

So, we wrapped up that meeting and the thought came to me that they would be “my lobster” if they were to choose All Four Seasons Events to coordinate their wedding.  Not only are they fun-loving and incredibly thoughtful, they envisioned a wedding that was personal, unique, full of meaning and I really wanted to be there to witness it all.  A few days later we began our journey together to plan their ideal wedding day.

And the wedding was epic!  Getting photos by Megan Simpson Photography made me all giddy inside because I could relive the night through the numerous photos.  Looking at each one made me realize how amazing this couple is and how they are the definition of what All Four Seasons Events aims to do through our work.  They provided gracious hospitality, thoughtful details and whole-hearted festivity throughout their event. And in case you’re wondering, for the unity ceremony Emily and Lucas opted to present one another with a sealed love letter that was then placed in an engraved wooden box along with a bottle of wine.  The box, love letters and wine are to be opened on their one-year anniversary, thus reminding them of the love they felt for one another on their wedding day.  

So next year on your anniversary, Emily and Lucas, please know that I will be raising a glass to join in the celebration of your anniversary because you two were truly “my lobster!”

*Full vendor credits below.


Coordination:  All Four Seasons Events | Photography: Megan Simpson Photography Venue: Arrowhead Golf Club | DJ: DJ Connection
 Baker:  Indulge Bakery | Beauty: Wedlock Bridal Hair |  Catering: Arrowhead Golf Club | Decor: All Four Seasons Events | Florist: Petals Colorado 
Little Man Ice Cream | Special thanks to Chris for officiating