Courtney Taylor Photography

I’ve known Nicole for almost a decade now and for as far back as I can remember, Drew has always been a part of Nicole’s life.  Their love story started long ago and with the addition of each new chapter and child their commitment to one another strengthened.  But their story still needed something… it needed a wedding! 

Nicole, like many brides, had dreamt of her wedding day.  She wanted to be surrounded by friends and family as she said “I do” to the love of her life while wearing the perfect dress and dancing the night away in a magical venue.  Her wedding was her fairytale.  And just as with every fairytale, the main character must overcome some obstacles along the way.

Nicole’s first obstacle came in 2016 when she had to postpone her original wedding date to welcome the birth of their beautiful daughter.  This loving mother unselfishly set aside the wedding dress she had already purchased and instead donned the many hats of a proud “stay-at-home momma” to her two young children.   

Fast forward nearly a year to March 2017 when I received a  message from Nicole telling me that she and Drew had set a new wedding date of July 6, 2018, and this time she wanted All Four Seasons Events to be her day-of coordinator.

As another year passed Nicole and Drew’s team of vendors slowly began falling in place and everything seemed as though it was going perfectly.  But “perfect” doesn’t make for exciting reading nor does it allow for a couple’s bond to be tested.  

Roughly one month prior to their wedding date the couple decided to change their caterer.  But with her superpowers, Nicole quickly found another caterer…a better caterer!  

Then the favors that the couple had planned on gifting their guests turned out to be not so favorable, so they quickly found a memorable keepsake with which to thank their guests.  Finally one week prior to their wedding date their venue fell through.  

Was this going to doom their pending wedding date…nah!  A more beautiful venue that proved to be more accommodating to the Bride, Groom and guests was available…and for the same price.  It appeared as if the drama was over.  But wait, we still had to get through the actual wedding day.

The day started off great.  Vendors were showing up on time, bridesmaids were getting their hair and makeup done in a timely fashion and the groomsmen were dressed and ready for their photos on schedule.  And then the power to the venue went out…in fact it went down for the entire city block.  Luckily there was still plenty of time before the start of the wedding, so we just kept on moving forward preparing Nicole and Drew to walk down that aisle where they would become husband and wife.

It then came time for the bridal party to get dressed in preparation for their photo session when another obstacle presented itself – the long zipper on the mother of the bride’s dress broke.  Luckily I had my trusty wedding emergency toolbox with me.  I quickly grabbed a needle and thread and began sewing the mother of the bride into her dress.  As I stitched the dress together, the photographer and I rearranged the order in which photos were taken, saving those with the mother of the bride for last.  Even with this obstacle, we still managed to start the wedding ceremony on time.  Nicole and Drew were finally going to get their happy ending.

As Nicole walked down the aisle, escorted by their son, Drew began to tear up.  His beautiful bride was making her way to him and their wedding was finally happening.  The couple managed to say “I do” amongst family and friends.  Their guests cheered loudly as Nicole and Drew kissed for the first time as husband and wife.  And then another moment came one that Nicole as a mother had been looking forward to… she was announced with the same last name as their children.  She was now a Mrs.

Nicole and Drew chose Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “The Rest of Our Lives” as their first dance song.  

“I don’t really care about those storm clouds brewing (…) as long as you’re here by my side.”

Those lyrics are romantic and profound.  They resonate with Nicole and Drew’s love story because even when obstacles present themselves it doesn’t really matter because they have each other.  And you can see that belief in their eyes when they look at one another.   I’ve never seen a couple so in love after having been together for as long they have.  Drew is Nicole’s night in shining armor and Nicole is Drew’s fairy princess.  Together they have achieved their “happily ever after.”

Cheers to future chapters as Mr. & Mrs.  

*Full vendor credits below.


Coordination: All Four Seasons Events | Photography: Courtney Taylor Photography | Venue: Baldoria on the Water | Baker: Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet  | Beauty: Eye Do Makeup and Hair
 Catering:  A Perfect Bite  DJ: Disco Sapien | Floral: Daisy’s Front Porch | Officiant:  Colorado Custom Ceremonies